Urea N46 fertilizer for sale from Iran: Export of urea 46%
Urea fertilizer is one of the most famous nitrogen fertilizers and is a good fertilizer for most plants, especially cereals, it leaves no salt residue on the soil and does not alter soil solute concentrations. Of the total urea production in the world, more than 70% is used for agricultural purposes and the rest is used for the production of melamine powder, animal feed additives, medical uses and more.

Urea fertilizer 46%:
Urea fertilizer produced and supplied by petrochemicals in the country has a nitrogen content of 46%. This means that nitrogen groups play a very important role in this product, making it a useful soil component. It is a solid white product that can be coated with other materials such as sulfur. The reason they cover this product is only because of the reduced absorption of moisture. The Iranian product market offers the only uncoated type in 50 kg bags and is well priced. /

Urea fertilizer application: It should be noted that today more than 90% of urea production is devoted to agriculture and has worked very well.In addition to the agricultural part of the urea fertilizer can be used for the following:
1-Production of catalysts for the exterior of cars to reduce pollution
2- Explosives
3- Types of plastic
4- Types of adhesives
5. Animal feed.
The buyer of the urea fertilizer therefore must determine for what purpose he needs the product needs and receive it accordingly.

Urea fertilizer grade:
Industrial urea fertilizer has two grades of granule and peril which fortunately both of them are produced in Iran and are very conveniently supplied.
The price of urea-pril fertilizer is usually higher than that of granule.
The granule type has more mesh and is commonly used for agricultural and export purposes. But pril also has an industrial aspect and can be used for catalysts, formaldehydes and explosives.
Therefore, the sale of industrial urea fertilizer is restricted and you must obtain the necessary permits.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, due to its capabilities in the industry of urea fertilizer production, can offer industrial and agricultural type.

Urea fertilizer packaging:
This product is produced in a 46% purity in the petrochemical plant, packaged and distributed in 50kg bags. For bulk orders the product is offered in one tonne jumbo bags.In addition to delivering bulk urea fertilizer, a 50kg and jumbo bag type is also possible. Of course, for the 50kg packages you have to either use the pallets or put them in a jumbo bag. Dear buyers, be sure to include the type of package in your request to be offered the price accordingly. Because some say the price is high while they mean another package.

Price of urea fertilizer
In international markets, the price of urea fertilizer differs from that in Iran.
This price difference can be due to the quality and purity of the material produced.
For example, the urea fertilizer of Iran has a higher price than the Russian fertilizer.
Buyers whose prices are most important can order Russian urea fertilizer.
But for companies that say quality first, the Iranian cargo is sent at a good discount.
The price of urea fertilizer that buyers are aware of is due to fluctuations of about 48 hours.
Iranian urea fertilizer is higher in quality and price than foreign sample.
For many purchasers, the question is how much is my commission and who pays?
According to international markets, the buyer has to pay commission and has a certain amount.
This varies between $ 1 and $ 5 depending on the tonnage, buyer and contract time.

Urea Fertilizer Delivery Ports
When a foreign buyer calls the seller to buy urea fertilizer, he announces the conditions. They say they want the cargo to be delivered to Bandar Abbas, Port Mersin of Turkey and so on. Each of these ports has its own price and custom tonnage will also be affected. It is advisable in your request to specify the delivery port and payment terms to give you a better price. Urea fertilizer can be purchased from reputable petrochemicals and commercial companies.
Some of these companies are brokers and can offer lower prices than petrochemicals. It can be explained that there are companies that can supply foreign urea fertilizer at a better price.

Export of bulk urea fertilizer
One of the things that can be done to export urea fertilizer is to load it in bulk.That is, large volumes of urea fertilizer are sent from the plant to Rajaee or Bahonar quays in Bandar Abbas.They are then loaded onto special vessels using mechanical shovels. Due to the volume of transfer, this material is only available for high tonnages and is not cost effective for small shipments.Please include the following in your request:
1. The desired tonnage
2. Payment Terms
3. Type of package
4. Place of delivery
Wholesale purchase of our industrial urea fertilizer is available for all applicants and they will be able to easily receive the cargo through e-commerce on time.

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