The price list of Iran petrochemical products: Here in this table you can find the most valuable data about the prices of every product produced in Iranian petrochemical industry. The prices are last updated at 18 Aug 2019.

itemUnit NumberProductUSD/TON
1111S57 Polyvinyl chloride839
2111S65 Polyvinyl chloride776
3111S70 Polyvinyl chloride839
4111Caustic Soda 117
5111liquid Propane 274
61012420D Film Low-density polyethylene933
71012420F Film Low-density polyethylene885
81012420H Film Low-density polyethylene885
91012420K Film Low-density polyethylene885
101010209AA Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
111010209KJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene868
12101)PE100(EX3 Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene965
13101EX5 Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
14101EX6N Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene988
15101EX6 blackExtrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene1048
16101BL3 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
17101Heavy Cut279
181481309 General Purpose Polystyrene 1027
19103E6834 Polyvinyl chloride799
20103E7044 Polyvinyl chloride806
21103E6644 Polyvinyl chloride810
22103E7242 Polyvinyl chloride799
23103E7244 Polyvinyl chloride799
24103S6532 Polyvinyl chloride776
25103S7042 Polyvinyl chloride839
26103Caustic Soda 117
271040190 Film Low-density polyethylene885
281040030 Film Low-density polyethylene933
29104LIM1922 Injection Low-density polyethylene893
30104LP0470KJ Film Low-density polyethylene903
311045020 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
32104MCH 3713 Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
33104HCH5110 Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
34104HCH5110PPA Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
36105Heavy Cut279
38105Mixed Xylene611
39105Toluene 676
40105Industrial Butane Gas 325
41105Industrial Propane Gas334
42105Industrial Liquid Gas326
431051502 Light Styrene Butadiene Rubber1256
441051500 Dark Styrene Butadiene Rubber1256
451051712 Dark Styrene Butadiene Rubber1194
461050075 Film Low-density polyethylene885
471050200 Film Low-density polyethylene885
48105HI0500 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
49105HI0500UA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
501050035 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
51105S6058 Polyvinyl chloride823
52105S6558 Polyvinyl chloride776
53105S7054 Polyvinyl chloride839
54106EPS 100-FR Expandable Polystyrene1169
55106EPS 200-FR Expandable Polystyrene1169
56106EPS 300-FR Expandable Polystyrene1169
57106EPS 400-FR Expandable Polystyrene1146
58106EPS 500-FR Expandable Polystyrene1094
59107Linear alkylbenzene1134
60149Heavy Aromatic575
61149%99.5 O-Xylene697
63149Mixed Xylene611
64150R-200 Expandable Polystyrene1123
65150R-300 Expandable Polystyrene1123
66150R-310 Expandable Polystyrene1123
67150R-400 Expandable Polystyrene1090
68150F-100 Refractory Expandable Polystyrene1123
69150F-200 Refractory Expandable Polystyrene1123
70150F-300 flame-retardant Expandable Polystyrene1123
71150F-400 Refractory Expandable Polystyrene1090
72150R-220 Expandable Polystyrene1018
73150R-320 Expandable Polystyrene1018
74150F-405 Expandable Polystyrene1032
75150R-420 Expandable Polystyrene971
76150R-410 Expandable Polystyrene971
77150EPS Oversize Expandable Polystyrene1038
78150EPS Fine Expandable Polystyrene623
79113*Acetic acid 466
81151mono-ethylene glycol453
82151Diethylene glycol436
83114S57 Polyvinyl chloride839
84114S65 Polyvinyl chloride776
85115Natural Grade - 50 Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene1270
86115Natural Grade - 75 Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene1270
87152Linear alkylbenzene1134
881166366M Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene951
891167700M Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene965
901168200B Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
911162200J Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
921162208J Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
931167000F Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
9414722501AA Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
9514722501KJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene868
9614718XF5N Linear Low Density Polyethylene900
9714732604UV Rotational Linear Low Density Polyethylene806
98147)PE80(EX3 Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene951
99147CRP100N Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene988
100147MD3510 Pipe Film Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene889
101147MD3520 Pipe Film Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene889
102147ARM CRP100 blackExtrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene1048
1031475000S Fiber Film Heavy Density Polyethylene912
104147HD534F7 Fiber Film Heavy Density Polyethylene912
105147HD50401 Fiber Film Heavy Density Polyethylene912
106147)EX5(9450F Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
107147BL3 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
108147BL4 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
10914752502 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene833
11014752502SU Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene852
11114752505 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
11214752505UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
11314752511 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
11414752511UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
11514752518 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
11614752528 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene798
11714752518UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
11814760505 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
11914760505UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
12014760507 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
12114760507UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
12214760511 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
12314760511UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
12414738504UV Rotational Heavy Density Polyethylene813
125147Heavy Cut279
126117EP440G Chemical Polyethylene1141
127117EP440L Chemical Polyethylene1141
128117EP548R Chemical Polyethylene1141
129117EP548T Chemical Polyethylene1165
130117RP340R Chemical Polyethylene1169
131117RP345SChemical Polyethylene1202
132117EP3130UV Chemical Polyethylene1224
133117HP525J Film Polyethylene1060
134117HP550JFabric Polyethylene1007
135117HP510LFabric Polyethylene1007
136117HP552RFabric Polyethylene1007
137117HP 564 SFabric Polyethylene1103
138117RP120L Film Polyethylene1582
139118Toluene diisocyanate TDI1604
140118Pure Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate MDI 1828
141118Polymer Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate MDI 1501
143154Ammonia (liquid) 118
144154GRANULAR Urea192
145119BL3 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
146119BL4 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
147119I3 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
148119I3UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
149119I4 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
150119I4UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
151119EX2 Fiber Film Heavy Density Polyethylene912
152119EX5 Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
153120Ammonia (Gas)118
154120Ammonia (liquid) 118
155120Urea PRILLED194
156120Crystal Melamine 930
1571552420E02 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1581552420F3 Film Low-density polyethylene933
1591552420F8 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1601553020F9 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1611552426F8 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1621552426E02 Film Low-density polyethylene889
1631231922T Injection Low-density polyethylene893
1641232004TC00 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1651232100TN00 Film Low-density polyethylene933
1661232100TN42 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1671232101TN47 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1681232102TN01 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1691232102TN42 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1701232102TX00 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1711232404TC47 Film Low-density polyethylene885
1721232004TC37 Film Low-density polyethylene885
17312454B04UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
17412454B04 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
17512452B18UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
17612452B11UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
17712452B18 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
17812462N07 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
17912462N07UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
18012462N18 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
18112462N18UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
18212462N11UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
183124HD52BF3 Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
184124HD48BF7 Fiber Film Heavy Density Polyethylene895
185124HD50B01 Fiber Film Heavy Density Polyethylene895
18611222B01 Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
18711222B02 Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
18811222B03 Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
18911218B01 Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
19011220BF5 Linear Low Density Polyethylene900
19111222BF7 Linear Low Density Polyethylene900
19211222B01KJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene868
19311222B02KJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene868
194125I4 Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
195125I4UV Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
196125EX5 Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
197125CRP100N Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene988
198125ARM CRP100 blackExtrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene1048
199125BL3 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
200125EP1X30F Chemical Polyethylene1017
201125EP1X35AF Chemical Polyethylene1017
202125HP500J Chemical Polyethylene1007
203125MR230C Chemical Polyethylene1141
204125T31SE Chemical Polyethylene1007
205125T30G Chemical Polyethylene1007
206125RP240G Chemical Polyethylene1141
207125X30GFabric Polyethylene1007
208125X30SFabric Polyethylene1007
209125C30GFabric Polyethylene1007
210125F30SFabric Polyethylene1007
211125C30SFabric Polyethylene1007
212125V30SFabric Polyethylene1007
213125Z30SFabric Polyethylene1007
214125F30GFabric Polyethylene1007
215125V30GFabric Polyethylene1007
216125Z30GFabric Polyethylene1007
217125V79GFabric Polyethylene1007
218125V79SFabric Polyethylene1007
219125HP456JFabric Polyethylene1007
220125HP 552RFabric Polyethylene1007
221125HP525J Film Polyethylene1060
222125mono-ethylene glycol453
223125Diethylene glycol436
2241267000F Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
2251564512 high-impact polystyrene1122
226157MP08 General Purpose Polystyrene 1027
227158mono-ethylene glycol453
228158Diethylene glycol436
229127ZH515MA Chemical Polyethylene1068
230127ZB332C Chemical Polyethylene1141
231127ZB532C Chemical Polyethylene1164
232127ZB332L Chemical Polyethylene1141
233127ZB432L Chemical Polyethylene1141
234127ZB440L Chemical Polyethylene1141
235127ZB545L Chemical Polyethylene1141
236127ZB445L Chemical Polyethylene1199
237127ZH500M Chemical Polyethylene1007
238127ZR230C Chemical Polyethylene1141
239127ZRCT230C Chemical Polyethylene1188
240127ZR 340R Chemical Polyethylene1169
241127ZR348T Chemical Polyethylene1202
242127ZR348U Chemical Polyethylene1235
243127ZH 552RFabric Polyethylene1007
244127ZH550JFabric Polyethylene1007
245127ZH510LFabric Polyethylene1007
246127ZH564SFabric Polyethylene1103
247127ZH 422 H Film Polyethylene1051
248127ZH525J Film Polyethylene1060
249127ZH520J Film Polyethylene1060
250127ZB548R Injection Polyethylene 1141
251127ZB548T Injection Polyethylene 1165
252127ZB548U Injection Polyethylene 1190
253159GRANULAR Urea192
255130Naphtha 341
256130Industrial Butane Gas 325
257130Industrial Propane Gas334
2581401551 General Purpose Polystyrene 1027
2591601115 General Purpose Polystyrene 1027
260131SF060Fabric Polyethylene1007
261131SIF030Fabric Polyethylene1007
262131SIF010Fabric Polyethylene1007
263131FI160Fabric Polyethylene1007
264131PYI250Fabric Polyethylene1007
265131PYI180Fabric Polyethylene1007
266131CR380Fabric Polyethylene1040
267131PNR230C Chemical Polyethylene1141
268161Ammonia (liquid) 118
269161GRANULAR Urea192
270161Diammonium phosphate303
272134RG1101PFabric Polyethylene1007
273134RG1101SFabric Polyethylene1007
274134RG1101SLFabric Polyethylene1007
275134RG1101XNFabric Polyethylene1007
276134RG1101NFabric Polyethylene1007
277134RG1101XPFabric Polyethylene1007
278134RG1101XSFabric Polyethylene1007
279134RG1101XXRFabric Polyethylene1007
280134RG1102HFabric Polyethylene1007
281134RG1102LFabric Polyethylene1007
282134RG1102XLFabric Polyethylene1007
283134RG1102MFabric Polyethylene1007
284134RG1102XKFabric Polyethylene1007
285134RG1104K Film Polyethylene1060
286134RG3420L Film Polyethylene1582
287134RG3212H Chemical Polyethylene1141
288134RG3212E Chemical Polyethylene1141
289162SE 350 Expandable Polystyrene1090
290162W500 Expandable Polystyrene1038
291162Fine Expandable Polystyrene623
292162SE 50 Expandable Polystyrene1169
293162SE 150 Expandable Polystyrene1169
294162SE 250 Expandable Polystyrene1169
295143PET N Amorphous917
296143PET S Amorphous925
297143BG730N Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1033
298143BG730S Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1051
299143BG760N Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1036
300143BG760S Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1054
301143BG780N Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1040
302143BG780S Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1058
303143BG800N Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1054
304143BG800S Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1081
305143BG820N Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1075
306143BG820S Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1102
307143BG840N Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1082
308143BG840S Polyethylene terephthalate (Bottle)1110
309143TG620N Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric918
310143TG620S Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric909
311143TG620SB N Super Bright Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric905
312143TG620SB S Super Bright Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric913
313143TG640N Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric905
314143TG640S Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric923
315143TG640MOD N Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric907
316143TG640MOD S Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric925
317143TG640MOD-SB N Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric933
318143TG640MOD-SB S Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric959
319143TG640HB N Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric937
320143TG640HB S Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric964
321143TG640SB N Super Bright Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric930
322143TG640SB S Super Bright Polyethylene terephthalate Fabric957
323143FG640 S Polyethylene terephthalate Film1003
324143FG640 N Polyethylene terephthalate Film975
325143Terephthalic acid667
326136PP R270G Chemical Polyethylene1141
327136PP EP2X CE Chemical Polyethylene1141
328136PP EP2X CI Chemical Polyethylene1141
329136PP ARP 230 Chemical Polyethylene1141
330136RP 210G Chemical Polyethylene1141
331136PP R 40 Chemical Polyethylene1141
332136PP R 60 Chemical Polyethylene1141
333136RP340R Chemical Polyethylene1169
334136EPC40R Chemical Polyethylene1141
335136V30GA Medical Polypropylene1040
336136ARP801 Medical Polypropylene1169
337136HP550JFabric Polyethylene1007
338136HP552RFabric Polyethylene1007
339136HP554PFabric Polyethylene1007
340136HP565SFabric Polyethylene1103
341136V30SFabric Polyethylene1007
342136Z30SFabric Polyethylene1007
3431360209AA Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
34413620075 Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
3451360209KJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene868
3461360410AA Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
347136ARM CRP100 blackExtrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene1048
348136)PE80(EX3 Extrusion Heavy Density Polyethylene951
349136BL3 Pneumatic Heavy Density Polyethylene871
3501365620EA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
3511363840UA Rotational Heavy Density Polyethylene813
352136EX5 Film Heavy Density Polyethylene875
353136 Polybutadiene Rubber1270
3541361210S Polybutadiene Rubber1401
355136Heavy Cut279
3561361,3-Butadiene 950
360136mono-ethylene glycol453
361136Diethylene glycol436
363136Normal butanol722
365137Ammonia (Gas)118
366137Ammonia (liquid) 118
367137Urea PRILLED194
368137GRANULAR Urea192
370138100 Expandable Polystyrene1123
371138200 Expandable Polystyrene1123
372138300 Expandable Polystyrene1123
373138400 Expandable Polystyrene1090
374138500 Expandable Polystyrene1038
375138EPS Oversize Expandable Polystyrene1038
376138EPS Fine Expandable Polystyrene623
377138EPS SuperFine Expandable Polystyrene519
3781381160 General Purpose Polystyrene 952
3791381460 General Purpose Polystyrene 1005
3801381540 General Purpose Polystyrene 1027
3811387240 high-impact polystyrene1122
3821380150 Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene1270
3831380157 Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene1270
3841380157W2901 Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene1335
3851380209AA Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
3861380209KJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene868
3871380220AA Linear Low Density Polyethylene863
3881380220KJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene882
3891384440EA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene807
3901384440UA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene809
3911385030EA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene823
3921385030SA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene825
3931385218EA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
3941385218UA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
3951386040UA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
3961386070EA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene794
3971386070UA Injection Heavy Density Polyethylene812
3981383840 Rotational Heavy Density Polyethylene813
3991381460FG General Purpose Polystyrene 1005
400138526WP Expandable Polystyrene1123
4011381,3-Butadiene 950
402138 light Mazut324
404141SBR 17121194
405141SBR 15021256
406141PBR 12201270
407141PBR 12021401
408144Crystal Melamine 930

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The price list of Iran petrochemical products

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