Marble Stone sales from Iran: In Iran there are hundreds of marble stone mines and quarries which offer tremendous beauty of Iranian marble to the world in different shapes, colors and textures. We export Iranian marble stones mainly to China, Italy and south-east Asian countries. Our marbles are sold in the forms of cube bulks, slabs and tiles.

About Marble

The scientific name for the marble is alabaster, formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate in limestone-rich cavities, which are rich in bicarbonate. The word onyx is derived from the Greek word for nail, and includes two different types, one being calcium marble used in the construction industry, and the other being a specific type of quartz crystal. Are divided.

After extraction by choosing the slab cutting direction, the final surface obtained from the marble will be changed, if transverse and parallel to the layering surface, in this case circular designs will be seen on the final surface and If cut vertically in the vein direction, at the final surface, different layers of rock formation are observed. At present, most of the stone carvings are cut through marbles by a cross-cutting method. This way, the semi-translucent properties of marble can be better demonstrated and the effects of light passing through the stone create aesthetic effects.

One of the characteristics of marble is the presence of veins that can be of different colors, depending on the type of impurity and its concentration. The major constituents of marble are calcite and then aragonite. Other minerals found in marble, clay and quartz. It may be white or different stone colors such as beige, orange, brown, pink, red, green, sky blue and yellow. The color of the stone also depends on the type of impurity and its concentration in the stone, rarely a marble color. By the way, there are a lot of reddish-brown streaks or spots on this type of rock and this is due to the presence of iron oxide. Marble can come in several cm thick boards, which are very fragile and can be reinforced using epoxy resins. Marble resistance to atmospheric pollution is very low, so it should be used more in interior decoration and in low humidity areas, even in places such as the kitchen or bathroom where there may be weak acids, marble should not be used. Kurdish. Currently most rock cuts are 0.8 to 1.5 cm thick, which are polished during processing on both sides. The most widely used marble in decorative making is one of the most commonly used sculptures in marble; pots have been found in Egypt made of marble five thousand years BC, tables, magnificent countertops. , Fireplaces and … are some products made of marble.

Marble Stone sales from Iran

The price of marble depends on the following factors:
    1 – Quality and stone analysis
The most important parameter of rock quality is its physical and chemical analysis. And the closer the analysis of the marble is to the desired quality, the higher the price and the higher the price.
    2 – Different colors and designs
Marble is not much different from other building stones. The higher the marble, the clearer the color and the cleaner it is.
    3 – Diameter and dimensions of stone
Marble stones are processed as slabs and the larger the size and the thicker the marble, the higher the price.
    4 – Precise stone sort
Marble stones have different types that are sub-sorted after the cutting and cutting process. Marble slabs have a higher price if they are a wristwatch.
    5 – Type of stone processing
The type of stone processing plays a decisive role in the price of marble. The type of resin or epoxy, the use of UV technology, the precision of cutting and grinding the stone, the amount of stone polishing, the mesh behind the stone and the type of packing and transportation of marble stones will affect the price of marble.

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