We supply Cement Clinkers for Sale from Iran in different types from various suppliers and producers in Iran. Our clinker product quality is among the highest in the world.

The mass fraction of the content of our high quality cement clinker is shown in analysis table below but other percentages are also available based on your request.

MaterialContentType 1.425Type 2Type5
Loss on IgnitionLOI0.150.190.21
Slicon DioxideSiO221.8221.8222.8
Aluminium OxideAl2O35.775.454.77
Ferric OxideFe2O33.754.434.87
Calcium OxideCaO65.2864.8364.38
Magnesium OxideMgO1.851.851.85
Slfur TrioxideSO30.350.360.3
Sodium OxideNa2O0.120.120.11
Potassium OxideK2O0.690.690.68
Insoluble ResidueIR0.20.180.22
Free CaOF.CaO0.860.860.92
Lime Saturation FactorLSF92.892.0888.64
Silica RatioSIM2.292.212.37
Alumina RatioALM1.541.230.98
Tricalcium SilicateC3S54.7357.1748.88
Dicalcium SilicateC2S21.2919.6828.51
Tricalcium AluminateC3A8.956.234.4
Calcium Alumino FerriteC4AF11.413.4714.8
C3A + C3S.63.6863.453.28
C4AF + 2C3A.29.2925.9323.61
Alkalies (Na2O + K2O).0.570.570.56
 Physical Tests  
Weight per Litergr/l140013501325

Cement Clinkers for Sale from Iran

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