Calcium Chloride from Iran

Calcium Chloride from Iran: We supply Calcium Chloride for industrial and food applications from Iran. We sell our Calcium Chloride in the form of powders and flakes in 50 KG bags. Our supply capacity is over 15000 tons per year which is mostly offered to international petroleum and gas drilling companies. It can be said […]

Marble Stone sales from Iran

Marble Stone sales from Iran: In Iran there are hundreds of marble stone mines and quarries which offer tremendous beauty of Iranian marble to the world in different shapes, colors and textures. We export Iranian marble stones mainly to China, Italy and south-east Asian countries. Our marbles are sold in the forms of cube bulks, […]

Gypsum Exports from Iran

Gypsum Exports from Iran: There are 227 active mines of gypsum stone in Iran, plus 193 different type gypsum mines in Iran. These are the mines which produce raw gypsum rocks and lumps. We supply gypsum in constructional as well as agricultural and industrial grades. There are also plenty of factories which are producing gypsum […]

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