Calcium Chloride from Iran: We supply Calcium Chloride for industrial and food applications from Iran. We sell our Calcium Chloride in the form of powders and flakes in 50 KG bags. Our supply capacity is over 15000 tons per year which is mostly offered to international petroleum and gas drilling companies.

It can be said that calcium chloride is one of the most important and widely used chemicals in the industry and it has many applications in drilling (as drilling mud), chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The unique properties of calcium chloride produced include:

The calcium chloride produced is very pure to the extent that it can be used for the nutritional and medicinal purposes of this product.

Due to our product line and high production efficiency of calcium chloride, it is possible to produce calcium chloride in flakes or powder, and to adjust the percentage of crystallization water and produce with different percentages in this process.

Calcium Chloride from Iran
Calcium Chloride from Iran

Chloride Calcium Specifications Analysis

PurityWeight Percent98 Min.99
Insoluble SolidWeight Percent3 Max.0.3
MoistureWeight Percent5 Max. 3
pHpH7 Min7

Uses and Allications

  • Industrial Calcium Chloride:
  • Application of calcium chloride in petrochemical industry, especially in drilling of oil and petrochemical wells.
  • Calcium chloride is used in industrial concrete manufacturing.
  • Calcium chloride is also used in the manufacture of pigments and metal soaps.
  • Calcium chloride is widely used in the cooling and dehumidifying industries.

Calcium chloride is used as an effective ingredient in the production of glycerol.

  • Oral Calcium Chloride:
  • Used in the manufacture and processing of all kinds of food.
  • Effective ingredient in pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Food grade calcium chloride is also used as zinc sulfate in livestock and poultry feed.

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