Bituminous waterproofing from Iran: Since Iran is one of the biggest suppliers of Bitumen in the world, we export and supply reinforced Bituminous waterproofing systems and rolls for roofs and walls. A Non-Woven Polyester Mat is used to make a double layer distilled bitumen which is perfect for building roofing and waterproofing purposes.

Bituminous waterproofing from Iran
Bituminous waterproofing from Iran

The technical specifications of our Bituminous waterproofing sealant membranes are generally as follows, but can be modified upon customer’s request:

Minimum Stretch Ability – Length25%
Minimum Stretch Ability – Width25%
Max Water Absorption in 28 Days1%
Max Weight Loss in 28 Days1%
Length10 ± 0.05Meters
width100± 1CM
Thickness4± 0.2MM
Weight4.1± 0.2KG/M2
Max Flexibility in Cold5-Degrees Centigrade
Min Heat Resistance120+Degrees Centigrade
Flaming Point250+Degrees Centigrade
Tensile Resistance in Maximum Point-length40KG/5 CM
Tensile Resistance in Maximum Point- Width30KG/5 CM
Saturating MixtureRefined tar polymere
Type of BedPolyester + cotton tissues (fiberglass)
Inner SurfacePolyethylene film 
Outer SurfaceAluminium Foil 

Bituminous waterproofing from Iran.

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